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Alpe-Adria Textil: reliable and
innovative textures made in Italy

Peculiarity of all the products is the high resistance to tearing propagation.
For technical industrial applications, Alpe-Adria Textil supplies materials suitable for several uses, such as:

  • substrate for polymeric coating (tarpaulins, canvas, digital printing, awnings for campers, road marking stripes)
  • substrate for conveyer belts
  • reinforcing structure for filters
  • reinforcing structure for composites
  • coupled and calendered materials reinforcement
  • protection shield for industrial machine

For geotechnical field, our Company offers textiles and geogrids with tensile strenghts between 20 and 900 kN/m to be used for:

  • consolidation and separation of highway and railway subgrades
  • reinforcement of asphalt paving for highways, motorways and airports
  • reinforced earth and walls
  • applications against erosion on river and marine banks
  • construction and covering of waste dumps

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